At the heart of Lash Group’s program success is our patient-centric customer service philosophy, which focuses on doing everything we can to help patients gain access to treatment and to communicate the caring nature of your brand, no matter the type of program.

This approach is identified by three key areas: customer service, highly-credentialed talent and on-going training and quality management. This caring, respectful approach reflects your brand’s focus on better patient outcomes and improves the trust, awareness and support of your products.

People and Training

Our associates are an integral part of our patient-centric service philosophy. Lash Group identifies the most qualified and credentialed talent to operate your programs, and provides extensive training and on-going development to ensure the most effective service delivery based on your program needs.
We staff our programs with reimbursement counselors that have a wide variety of relevant healthcare experience, plus program case managers that are highly educated with previous clinical experience and credentialing in specific disease states.