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Next Edge Health Experience Summit

Hyatt Regency Boston  |  September 17-18, 2016

Next Edge Health Experience Summit

The age of telemedicine, wearables, remote data capture, and sophisticated wellness programs has advanced patient-centered care to the next edge. And patients are, more than ever before, the primary stakeholders in their own care. This year’s Next Edge Summit will hone in on the patient journey – the path healthcare professionals have to pave to fully empower the patient.

It’s time to iron out the edges and work together to make the patient journey a smooth, connected path from start to finish. The future of the patient-led experience will require constant collaboration from care providers, payers, pharma and most importantly, the patients themselves. Join leaders, experts and innovators from all corners of the healthcare ecosystem, as we chart a course for the future of connected care.

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October 18 | 10:15 a.m.
A Deep Dive into the Patient Journey

Lash Group’s Loreen Brown, SVP of Product, Strategy & Commercialization Excellence (and member of this year’s summit advisory board) will participate in a panel on the patient journey, and share insight from the HUB perspective.

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