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Electronic Benefit Verification & Prior Authorization Summit

Hyatt Centric Fisherman's Wharf  |  San Francisco, CA  |  October 25-26, 2016

Electronic Benefit Verification & Prior Authorization Summit

Capitalize on Patient Service Technology to Accelerate Speed to Therapy and Access

With the constant advancements and innovations in electronic patient services (ePA, eBV, eMRs, eHRs, Patient Portals, RTBV), the integration and implementation of this technology is increasingly important to expedite patient access to therapy. CBI’s 7th Annual Electronic Benefit Verification & Prior Authorization Summit convenes key stakeholders, including manufacturers, specialty pharmacies, PBMs, health plans, solution providers and prescribers to discuss challenges and share best practices regarding the implementation and operational management of electronic patient service technology.

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October 25 | 4:30 p.m.
Optimizing Reimbursement Support Programs with eBV — Best Practices for Utilizing an Evolving Technology

Product-specific benefit verifications (BVs) are an important service many manufacturers make available to patients, usually as part of an overall reimbursement support offering. Today, most BVs are performed using a counselor-based process involving a phone call to the payer. But, interest and experimentation on new methods known as electronic benefit verification (eBV) are emerging, with the promise of faster turnaround, improved experience and enhanced accuracy. In this session, explore the benefits as well as the limitations that should be considered when implementing this technology.
- How do eBVs work and what are the current limitations 

- Which critical questions do you need to ask before beginning an eBV implementation 

- Next steps on how best to leverage eBV in targeted reimbursement support programs 

Christina Knight, Director, Product Management, eTechnology