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2nd Annual Coupons & Co-pay Strategies Summit

February 25-26, 2016 

Philadelphia, PA  |  HIlton Philadelphia at Penn's Landing

Lash Group’s Kelly Olsen, Product Manager, will present at EXL’s upcoming co-pay conference, which focuses on challenges around affordability and improving coupon and co-pay programs to revolutionize the patient experience. Ms. Olsen will share insight on increasing co-pay program uptake by reaching patients through multiple channels.

Coupon and co-pay card rebate programs are facing unprecedented pressure. More patients than ever before now have access to health insurance, and the increasing retirements of Baby Boomers have swelled the ranks of those facing the Medicare Part D donut hole. At the same time, drug discovery breakthroughs have found a cure for Hepatitis C, which had previously been a very common lifelong condition — but for a high up-front price. And just within the last year, major pharmacy benefit managers have chosen to no longer accept industry-issued rebate cards for some of the more expensive therapeutics.

Now in its second year, ExL Events’ 2nd Coupons and Co-Pay Strategy Summit brings together all stakeholders in these challenges in order to simplify areas of confusion and ensure continued uptake of new therapeutics.

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