Lash Group understands that data visibility makes a difference in your business. That’s why we put emphasis and development time into data and reporting capabilities that can be delivered and analyzed in a variety of ways.

Data Platform

Lash Group provides multiple options for data delivering including:

  • Web-based portal
  • Exported reports (Excel, PDF, PowerPoint)
  • Subscription-based electronic delivery (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly)

Reporting & Analytics

We help you interpret this data through real-time reporting capabilities customized to your brand, including patient uptake and pull-through, payer trend analysis, prescriber behavior and more.

Our subscription-based reporting package includes dashboard views of:

  • Trending analysis
  • Volume analysis
  • Interactive charts
  • Aggregated data

By providing a baseline and delivering insight into program performance, resource drivers and opportunities for improvement, it’s easier to meet your product’s objectives and adjust programs based on market demands, ensuring a higher return for your investment.