Lash Group provides best-in-class program design and execution for manufacturers who want to offer a variety of support for their patients. Our comprehensive services portfolio supports the entire care continuum, from decision-to-treat to product delivery to on-going support.

These services include:
Reimbursement support that helps patients and providers navigate the payer environment for specified therapies

Adherence services, delivering targeted education, support and outreach during specific times of treatment

Co-pay assistance that provides financial assistance options for insured patients who can’t afford out-of-pocket expenses

Patient assistance programs that distribute product free of charge to the uninsured and financially challenged patients

Integrated pharmacy services, including full-service specialty pharmacy distribution and dispensing, as well as strategic wholesale solutions for hospitals, physicians and other providers, all powered by our TheraCom Pharmacy. 

Companion diagnostics and devices, providing targeted expertise through Premier Source.