Healthcare as Unique as You

No two patients are the same – and neither are their treatment experiences. That’s why Lash Group designs integrated, customizable adherence solutions that put the patient at the center of our services.

With our Thumbprint℠ adherence solution, our offerings are designed with the patient in mind – to engage and empower them to be an active participant in their own care. Thumbprint features a selection of services that are inclusive of each unique patient journey. Our individualized care plans are mutually designed to address predictive therapeutic and condition related risks, as well as help patients make decisions about their treatment and obtain clarity about their goals, values and motivations.

One intervention strategy is rarely effective in sustaining the types of behavioral changes needed to promote therapeutic adherence. Our Thumbprint solution ensures that content, timing and outreach approaches are not only appropriate, but are also delivered in a way that works best for the patient. And each of our three distinct service models within Thumbprint provides a flexible framework from which clients can create tailored solutions that “right-size” our services to optimize ROI. 

Here’s how we maximize engagement, one patient at a time.


A collaborative, patient-centric approach to assess, plan, facilitate, and advocate for options and services that meet a patient's needs, and promote increased adherence through communication, education and other available resources. More »


A comprehensive plan that includes logistical arrangements, patient and family education, and coordination with the patient’s healthcare team, focused on delivering continuity of care as patients transfer between different locations, or levels of care. More » 


Focused patient support through the delivery of product and/or disease state information and education as requested by the patient, or, timed information in anticipation of patient needs ahead of the onset of therapeutic side effects. More » 

Whether high-touch services are your priority, or finding the most appropriate adherence offering for a large patient population, Lash Group’s service models are flexible enough to meet your needs, and your patients’. As a Lash Group client, regardless of which of our adherence models you choose, your solution will include:

  • Telehealth Nursing Call Center 
  • Tailored Coaching Interactions

  • Digital Communication Strategy (Live Chat, Texting and Email)

  • Custom Program Design Framework

More Clinical Services

Lash Group’s clinical services provide solutions for pharmacovigilance and regulatory compliance, including FDA requirements, such as REMS. More »

We understand the critical role support services play in each patient’s unique treatment journey and ongoing care. In fact, in our twenty-year history, we’ve helped more than 12 million patients. Today, our 3,500 associates continue to put patients at the center of what they do, every day. Helping patients is not just what we do. It’s why we exist. And we take a patient-centric approach to designing and executing best-in-class adherence solutions that address the root cause of each patient’s lack of engagement.

Is the adherence solution you're considering patient-centric?