Enhancing Patient Access - Increasing Patient Adherence

Lash Group’s Flex Co-pay Programs make your brand more successful by enhancing speed-to-therapy and increasing patient adherence. With cards uniquely designed to work seamlessly with healthcare provider processes and e-prescribing systems, our tailored co-pay programs ensure appropriate assistance and expanded access, so you can spend less time worrying about patient drop off.

Designed for Flexibility

Our Flex Co-pay Programs can expand access to single products or an entire product portfolio. And, unlike other co-pay cards with rigid, off-the-shelf formats, you can customize our next generation of co-pay cards specifically to your product and patient needs with a variety of formats:

  • FlexStarter Card
    Designed for seamless access to the initial fill.
  • FlexDebit Card
    A pre-loaded Lash Group co-pay card for out-of-pocket expenses. 
  • FlexConnect Card
    A physical or virtual electronic benefit card that leverages seamless systems-integrated claims adjudication technology for providers, billing entities, at retail or speciality pharmacies, or via online coupons and vouchers.

Built With Lash Group Expertise

With over 20 years of recognized expertise, Lash Group’s Flex Co-pay Programs come with the value-added benefit of our deep industry knowledge, strategic direction and collaborative approach in developing the design and execution of your co-pay assistance card strategy. Highly trained associates provide quality program delivery. Innovative technologies supply an advanced level of data to monitor customer support initiatives and evaluate strategies. And our ability to integrate broader Lash Group services is available to reinforce additional patient access initiatives. 

Enhancing Brand Success

Our Flex Co-pay Programs make it easier to expand access and provide appropriate assistance to increase patient adherence. The ease and flexibility of the Lash Group co-pay cards, powered by Lash Group industry expertise, service and technology, ensure patients receive the full benefit of your product, helping your brand succeed.