Providing Access to the Uninsured and Underinsured

In today’s evolving health coverage environment, you need a patient assistance partner with the expertise and service quality to properly identify uninsured and underinsured patients and help educate them on their drug access options. Lash Group’s consultative approach and industry leadership provide value-added insight to keep your patient assistance programs aligned with your business goals and the changing needs of the healthcare market.

Exposure Modeling, Benchmarking and Planning

Patient assistance services within the larger access service offering can indeed be strategic in nature. As such, exposure modeling, benchmarking and ongoing planning must be conducted to determine program eligibility, enrollment process, product distribution and ongoing case management. More »

Strategic Program Design 

With over two decades of experience across a range of therapeutic areas and user populations, Lash Group strategically designs and implements patient assistance programs that direct aid to the most appropriate patients. We offer a range of PAP models, distribution methods and customizable processes to best support your product and patient needs. And available integration with our reimbursement and co-pay services further ensures that assistance funds are used effectively and efficiently.

Service Quality for Maximum Customer Satisfaction

Lash Group’s exceptional level of service provides accurate and timely processing with a caring, respectful approach. Our associates bring advanced credentials, program-specific training and unmatched retention rates to maximize the quality and consistency of your program delivery.

Technology for Ease of Use and Optimization

Our innovative use of technology makes your program easy for providers to use – from our online data portal for enrollment and tracking to our seamless payment processing. Plus, you can monitor and optimize your program through our manufacturer reporting portal and data analytics.