AmerisourceBergen is dedicated to delivering patient-centric, integrated commercialization solutions that are customized to the unique needs of each product and each patient population. Manufacturer-sponsored free-goods dispensing programs are a vital part of the patient journey, and are critical to ensure patients start therapy quickly or avoid interruptions in treatment.

Lash Group is proud to provide these critical services through our TheraCom Pharmacy, which delivers integrated pharmacy and customized wholesale solutions. Our services include full-service specialty pharmacy distribution and an integrated free-drug dispensing program. These solutions integrate with our support services, resulting in a comprehensive, end-to-end offering for Lash Group clients.

Through TheraCom Pharmacy, we offer more flexibility and adaptability in how we design integrated, and patient-centered, fee-for-service solutions in support of foundation, Patient Assistance Programs, quick start, and interim/bridge programs. We have an improved ability to customize a solution to address the needs of a specific product – whether the product needs a low volume/high-touch solution to address the complex needs of a small patient population, or a high-volume product that requires a more highly-automated solution to adapt to the needs of a fast-growing, larger patient population.

TheraCom Pharmacy’s “bundled” solutions provide added value by integrating reimbursement and clinical services, along with dispensing services, for free drug programs. And because we’re designing solutions with our customer in mind, we also offer a flexible “a la carte” menu of solutions so you can access specific services based on the needs of your product and its patient population. 

These services are supported by Lash Group technology, such as real-time exchange of pharmacy benefit product information, for increased speed to therapy. Our full-service programs make it even easier for patients to access your product.

Integrated Pharmacy Services

Lash Group includes a full-service specialty pharmacy distribution and integrated dispensing program that provides a turnkey solution for your product. 

Strategic Wholesale Services

This Lash Group service, powered by TheraCom, delivers Product Wholesale Services to hospitals, physicians, government purchasers and virtually all other segments. 

Our Locations

With operational centers located in Rockville, MD, Reno, NV, and Brooks, KY, TheraCom Pharmacy is licensed as a distributor in all 50 states. And because we have pharmacy locations on both east and west coasts, we ensure business continuity and uninterrupted service to providers and patients.

AmerisourceBergen also offers commercial specialty pharmacy solutions through U.S. Bioservices. Learn more about these offerings by visiting the U.S. Bioservices website.