Faster Product Access - Comprehensive, Ongoing Support

Lash Group Reimbursement Services are key to helping patients begin therapy faster and reducing patient drop off once on therapy. Tailored based on your product’s needs, our Reimbursement Counselors work with payers to confirm the patient’s coverage status, determine the best benefit and identify any potential hurdles to access. Our offerings include:

Lash Group Reimbursement Services provide a wide range of prior authorization support to reduce the administrative hassle in accessing therapies. Our hub experience in specialty pharmacy triage significantly reduces the likelihood of prescriptions “falling through the cracks” while our non-dispensing pharmacy status ensures seamless prescription fulfillment. And with robust appeals support, physicians can spend more time with their patients instead of tracking down delayed or denied claims reimbursement. 

Making it Easier on The Practice

Our dedicated site coordinators strive to become an extension of the provider’s team, with a single point-of-contact case management approach that streamlines and optimizes reimbursement processes.

Working closely with your field teams, our site coordinators develop strong relationships with practices and establish regional expertise around payer trends. Hotline services can be customized to work the way the practice works, with preferences such as phone vs. fax contact and the need for specialty pharmacy triage determined during initial enrollment into the program.

Patient Support

Lash Group team members are cross-trained on all areas relating to product support to address all of a patient’s needs through a single call. Each counselor is required to attend customer service training, disease-sensitivity training and product-information training, Lash Group’s extensive counselor credentialing and business simulation process, including mock calls from management, is the final step in ensuring readiness for launch.