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The last thing a patient should have to worry about is access to treatment

Evolving Patient Support

Where technology
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We started this industry out of a passion for pushing forward patient possibilities. For the past 30 years, we have continued to lead the industry by implementing innovative support services that impact the lives of the patients we serve.

Patients are our purpose

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Patient Access

Driving speed to therapy

We pair advanced technologies with expert human support to drive faster access to therapy and enhance the patient experience. By leveraging industry-leading innovations, such as an AI-powered digital assistant that makes payer calls, we increase automation, accuracy, and efficiency every step of the way.
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Medication Affordability

Reducing Financial Burdens

Cost should never be a barrier to care. That's why we work closely with manufacturers to develop unique copay assistance programs that accelerate patients access to therapy. Our copay services comply with industry rules and standards, yet are flexible to meet the needs of broad patient populations. We offer a variety of payment options along with the dedicated support of compassionate patient counselors to put affordability first.
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Therapy Adherence

Empowering patient engagement

To improve medication adherence, we engage patients where they are in their healthcare journey and in life. Through personalized interventions and treatments that drive behavioral change, we help improve not just outcomes, but a patient's care experience.

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Lash Group
November 2022


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Dale Hanna
Lash Group
November 2022

What are the elements of innovative, effective medication adherence programs -- and how do they address the underlying causes of non-adherence?



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Lash Group
September 2022

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