TheraCom Pharmacy

Customized pharmacy support

Manufacturer-sponsored, free-goods dispensing programs are a vital part of the patient journey. Our TheraCom Pharmacy pairs specialty distribution and free-goods dispensing programs with integrated patient support services: A comprehensive, end-to-end offering for our clients. Our pharmacists work closely with manufacturers as they bring new products to market, assisting with strategy, inventory management and specialty distribution support, including cold chain distribution. Bundled solutions provide added value by integrating reimbursement and clinical services, along with dispensing services, for free-drug programs.     

Integrated pharmacy services

TheraCom Pharmacy’s services integrate seamlessly with our patient programs. We offer real-time exchange of pharmacy benefit information for faster product access. These services include:

  • Foundation/free-drug distribution, patient adherence programs, quick start and interim/bridge programs
  • StarterRx
  • Replacement product
  • Support items for prescription dispensing, such as auto-injectors

Our expanded offerings include automated features like 2-D inventory management and bar code matching for accurate and efficient medication delivery. Patients receiving new prescriptions from our free-drug programs can consult with TheraCom pharmacists on questions they might have during treatment.

Strategic wholesale services

TheraCom Pharmacy offers wholesale services to hospitals, physicians, government purchasers and virtually all other segments. Delivering greater visibility and product control than traditional methods, TheraCom enables manufacturers to offer branded distribution and tailored support for variable pricing models. We provide shipment tracking and customized alerts for deliveries of specific products, and follow standard compliant procedures for product recalls.

TheraCom, LLC distribution facilities have been awarded VAWD accreditation. Click here for more information. 

Ensuring business continuity

Operations centers in strategic locations across the United States ensure business continuity and uninterrupted service. The team in Brooks, Kentucky is a specialty pharmacy dedicated to free-drug dispensing. We partner with ICS, another AmerisourceBergen company, to leverage their Reno, Nevada location for additional wholesale distribution. Each location is licensed in all 50 states for their respective services.

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