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Life at Lash Group

life at lash
life at lash group

At Lash Group, we work with purpose

life at lash group

Every day we put patients at the center of everything we do. No matter where we sit within the company, we're all working to fulfill the same purpose – to improve the treatment journey for each patient, helping them gain access to, afford and stay on vital therapies that enhance their quality of life. Ultimately, we are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures.

life at lash group

Our guiding principles

Put people first. The rest will follow. 

We are committed to improving life. Success for our company happens when we help our partners and associates thrive.

Be part of the solution.

Curiosity is contagious. Empathy and passion are too. We turn chaos into order by creating solutions that enrich the lives of those we serve – our manufacturer partners, patients, associates and communities around the world.

Tell the truth, tell it fast.

We believe that being kind means that we are direct, but with good intention. Together this allows us to move forward with clarity and alignment.

Be bold and stay humble.

We have confidence and respect in each other’s ability and expertise, which empowers us to take risks when they are worthy. Our humility keeps us grounded.

Celebrate individuality. Act as a community.

There is power in our individual perspectives. Our greatest impact is when we collaborate as one, using our collective expertise to generate ideas with sustaining value.


Diversity and inclusion

At Lash Group, we celebrate individuality and welcome unique perspectives. We are committed to supporting our diverse team and offer a range of resources for associates of all backgrounds to help promote direct feedback through an open exchange of ideas between associates. As a positive forum for professional development, these groups support the success of diversity and inclusion at our organization.

LGBT Allies

LGBTAllies is a network of colleagues and resources to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) associates. The group promotes initiatives that align with our vision of maintaining an inclusive and welcoming workplace.

Women's Impact Network

Our Women's Leadership Initiative first launched in November 2014. Now known as WIN (Women's Impact Network), the group is composed of an internal Senior Council of Women Leaders and maintains a focus on career development for women at all levels.

Veterans in Action

Veterans in Action supports our efforts to network and connect veterans across the company. We partner with military placement organizations to assist service members with transitioning into full-time jobs across our network of businesses.

Hispanic and Latino Resource Group

We know that personal connection is key to celebrating a diverse workforce. That's why we created a resource group specifically for associates who identify as Hispanic or Latino to foster empowerment and growth. By creating paths to advancement for all associates, we promote an ongoing culture of inclusivity.

Black Organization of Networking and Development

AmerisourceBergen’s Black Organization for Networking and Development (BOND) was formed in 2019 as an evolution of the former Black Leadership Council. The BOND mission is to develop black associates through mentorship and opportunities for exposure, providing empowerment and professional elevation for continued generations of black leaders.  


Professional development

Opportunities for growth

Development opportunities are available to associates regardless of experience and expertise. Managers can focus on getting to the next level through the Leaders in Excellence (LEAD) program, while future leaders are primed in the Professional Accelerated Career Entry (PACE) program. From online ABC learning and development courses to tuition reimbursement, growth is possible for every ambitious associate. 

A culture of collaboration and compassion

We’re driven to work together – not only to support patients, but to make a difference in our communities. Through Volunteer Time Off (VTO) hours, we encourage our associates to have fun together while helping others. We prioritize associate engagement, providing activities across our offices to bring associates together and show our appreciation for everything they do. 

-SR. Project Manager

" What makes Lash Group special? A caring management team that helps employees balance a productive work life with the world outside of work."


Corporate citizenship

As part of the AmerisourceBergen network of companies, we are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures.


For us, it means we understand that our duty as a company extends beyond the services we provide, the customers we serve, the associates we employ and the communities where we live and work. Lash Group associates are provided multiple opportunities to show their support and participate in local community activities throughout the year. In addition, the AmerisourceBergen Foundation provides additional opportunities to give back to organizations that align with our company mission and mean the most to our associates.


In their words

There’s no better way to see what it's like to be part of our team than to hear from our associates. Learn more about why these associates enjoy working for our company.


Shemeka Johnson

"I work with purpose every day through positive interactions with my team, clients and internal customers. When working around people who share the same commitment, much can be accomplished. While we always have long-term goals in mind, every day our short-term goals should start with the critical support we provide to a patient or their family that helps improve their quality of life."


TrueBlue: Rewarding associates for their commitment to excellence

Our TrueBlue recognition program provides a meaningful way for managers and colleagues to commemorate employment milestones, acknowledge the accomplishments of our associates, and reward associate dedication to living our purpose. TrueBlue celebrates the value we bring to our customers, and to one another.

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