Patient Assistance & Access Programs Conference *postponed*

March 23, 2020

conference update

*The 2020 Patient Assistance and Access Programs Conference is postponed.*

The conference is postponed due to recent travel restrictions from developments with COVID-19. To learn more, visit CBI Informa's conference website.

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Speaker Highlights

Tuesday, March 24 | 8:15 AM

Simplifying the Path to Better Patient Outcomes

Dr. Tommy Bramley, President, Lash Group

In this market boom of specialty drug development, how do manufacturers support access and affordability options that will ensure life-changing therapies can get in the hands of the patients that need them most? Hear real-life accounts from patients, explore the complexities of patient program design, and learn more about how a pioneer and leader in the industry keeps the patient at the center of their approach when creating best-in-class solutions.

Wednesday, March 25 | 9:45 AM
Compassion Drives Innovation: Modern Approaches to Ensure Optimal Outcomes for Patients with Cancer

There are more and better options to treat cancer today thanks to research and development of scientists, researchers and manufacturers. Yet, this level of innovation is costly and gaining access to new, specialty therapies is often obstructed by financial burden, confusing benefits design, delays in authorizations and complex treatment regimens.  All of these barriers play a pivotal role in preventing patients from realizing the true promise that emerging therapies can provide.

During this interactive panel discussion, leaders from Family Reach, Xcenda and Lash Group provide their collective expert insights on key strategies to break down barriers to innovative new, cancer treatments and discuss the following key issues:

  • Consider the profoundly negative impact cancer-related financial toxicity has on patient outcomes and families from a non-profit leader and advocacy organization, Family Reach
  • Understand the evolving payer landscape and how it creates barriers for cancer patients to access, afford and adhere to therapy
  • Examine marketplace trends and emerging solutions to help break down barriers to therapy and ensure that cancer therapies reach the patients who need it most


Shanna Barnes
Moderator, VP, New Business Development, Lash Group
Kristine Flemister, President Kristine Flemister
President, Xcenda
Troy Ward
Chief Operations Officer, Lash Group
Carla Tardif
Chief Executive Officer, Family Reach