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Our patient-centered approach to program design

Leveraging our vast industry knowledge and experience, we’ve created a proven formula for program design that meets the unique needs of your product and patient population.
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We are very satisfied with the execution of operations for our programs. Our team at Lash Group is AMAZING!

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With Fusion, we're delivering patient services in new, faster and smarter ways 

Our patient support technology ecosystem, Fusion, is more than a CRM platform. It combines dozens of best-in-class technologies with workflows that are customized for patient support services. It features a proprietary, advanced data model that enables us to provide a personalized and seamless experience for patients, providers and manufacturers - ultimately improving patient access to life-saving medications and enhancing patient engagement and outcomes. 

Our Signature™ Commercialization Strategies

When bringing a new specialty treatment to market, commercial success begins with the patient. Our Signature™ Commercialization Strategies are designed around the unique needs of both the product and the patient, providing end-to-end support. Learn how we can help you improve product access and patient adherence.
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AmerisourceBergen provides tailored solutions to meet your products’ needs

It takes a global healthcare solutions leader with a comprehensive network to support your product throughout the entire commercialization process.

Trust us to get your products to the patients who need them most

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