Communications Services

Communication with patients is vital

But managing a variety of channels is too often a pain point for providers, pharmacists and manufacturers. That’s why identifying the right mix of communications is critical for the success of your program. Leveraging your patients' preferred channels allows them to more easily communicate any challenges they’re facing with treatment, removing barriers to adherence.  
Patient on phone

A multi-channel approach to communications

Connecting efficiently with patients and providers increases awareness of your product. Traditional methods like phone, fax or mail can be time-intensive, and managing communications across multiple channels can be challenging. Our automated technology systems were designed for ease of communication. We can share service updates and appointment or refill reminders in multiple languages by way of:
  • Interactive voice recognition (IVR) technology
  • Live webchat capabilities
  • Texting
  • Multi-language capabilities

Real-time responses with Live Chat

Through our continued efforts to empower patients to manage their own care, we understand that hectic schedules can prevent people from connecting with us conveniently. Our innovative Live Chat tool allows us to communicate with patients in real-time, enhancing the way information is exchanged.

Available on desktop, tablet and smartphone, our Live Chat capabilities can:

  • Easily integrate with existing portals or product pages
  • Facilitate communication for users who are less comfortable conversing on the phone.
  • Help to increase customer satisfaction ratings
  • Assist with the reduction of program call volume
  • Increase use of portals
  • Enable managers to set up accounts, manage agents and run reports
  • Provide key metrics performance dashboards
  • Provide real-time reports designed to measure chat effectiveness
  • Meet legal and security reviews to support HIPAA requirements

Timely, event-driven text messaging

Our text messaging services provide additional ways to engage with patients. Texts can be sent at any time, based on business rules or client preferences. You can share alerts regarding product updates or adherence support, and patients can respond in a secure environment.