CRM and Web Portals

Tools to maximize workflow

With extensive experience designing provider- and patient-facing portals, we streamline the enrollment and verification process while delivering real-time insight into market activity. Our counselors use data from these portals to update demographics, insurance, financial, medical and distribution information.

Provider Suite: Simplifying the process

When it’s easy to access your program, providers are more likely to use it. Our Provider Portal creates a central access point, so providers can get the information they need, when they need it.

Integrating an online portal into your program streamlines processes, creating efficiencies and greater transparency for providers. Our intuitive enrollment process minimizes the possibility of missing information, reducing delays during benefit verification. With 24/7 access to real-time patient activity status reports, and customizable notifications and alerts sent via HIPAA-compliant email messaging, providers and their staff can be more proactive. Our eSignature capabilities allow nursing staff to manage enrollments, freeing up valuable provider time and accelerating speed to therapy.

Pharma Support Suite: Information at your fingertips

Our suite of online solutions provides manufacturers with 24/7 access to program activity and trends. With an interface that can be tailored to your brand experience, our support suite delivers the reports and key metrics to support your field representatives and brand management. The suite allows for timely forecasting and quick responses to changes in program volume, or other patient, provider and payer needs. You can rely on our team to launch and maintain online programs rapidly, without the headache and expense of a building customized software solution from the ground up.

Helping patients and providers find key services

Our solution for physician-administered products helps connect patients and providers with key services. We work with you to create and maintain a network of providers to administer your product, taking proximity and insurance coverage into account, matching patients with ideal providers.

Through the portal, users can access information such as:

  • Available sites within search radius
  • Site names and addresses
  • Site phone and fax numbers
  • Hours of operation by day
  • Distance from original search input
  • Map with site locations pinpointed