Fusion Video Library

Introducing Fusion

Learn about the launch of Lash Group’s new best-in-class patient support services technology and advanced analytics ecosystem.

Moving the Needle in Patient Care

We designed our new Fusion advanced data and analytics platform to help solve the complex questions that manufacturers face within patient services. Watch and learn how we’re using software and our experience to generate new insights that enhance patient outcomes.

Improving the Provider Experience

Discover how we leverage technology, smart touch and smart workflows to design a new Provider Portal which improves the provider and patient experience.

Ensuring Data Quality and Governance

Learn how our teams developed and implemented strong data governance and management and disaster recovery practices within Fusion, leveraging technology, culture and industry best practices and ultimately enhancing the care and stewardship of patient information.

Enhancing the Patient Experience

After diagnosis and the care plan are established, patients often need guidance and support to access their treatment. Using the right approach and computer telephony integration (CTI) technology, learn how our counselors personalize patients' experience.

"Our approach to driving a strong patient experience is to be informative, concise and a resident expert... and just as important, to be deeply emphatic and supportive."


Fusion eBV: At the Forefront of Innovation

For millions of benefit verifications that need to be completed each year, technology holds the promise to drive efficiency- improving scale and speed without compromising effectiveness. Now, the next generation electronic benefit verification (eBV) solution leverages a new approach which accounts for the complex world of insurance reimbursement. Learn how artificial intelligence can help accelerate speed to therapy and improve the overall experience for patients and providers. 

Equipping our Associates to Thrive

As Fusion helps us design a digitally-powered and data-driven environment, we are equipping our current associates with the knowledge, tools and leadership skills they need to be successful, and creating new roles that bring in additional expertise and critical skills needed to support our delivery of patient support services both now and in the future. 

Fusion technology is helping us deliver patient services in new, faster and smarter ways.

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