Cell and Gene Therapy

Success requires a strong partner

Cell and gene therapies are transforming patient outcomes. Yet, unprecedented challenges across logistics, commercialization, market access and reimbursement threaten to derail your product’s success. Given the complex nature of these treatments, patients face a variety of barriers – such as affordability, coverage and reimbursement – that threaten the success of your program. To maximize the efficacy and reach of these novel products, we help manufacturers address the demand for high-level case management coordination. As the market leader in designing and executing customized hub models, and optimizing program performance through both high-touch case management and high-tech solutions, we help maximize program success by providing a consistent patient and provider experience.
Lab tech with microscope

Our best-in-class patient support services:

  • Coordinate patient registries and scheduling
  • Provide pre-treatment education
  • Deliver efficient access and affordability support

We help patients overcome barriers to therapy quickly by working with them to secure reimbursement coverage and connecting them to financial assistance programs to help with out-of-pocket costs. Additionally, we arm providers with resources to help them incorporate these new operational processes into their workflows.

Commercializing Cell and Gene Therapies

Clinically promising, commercially challenging. Discover the go-to-market strategies to succeed when the patient is in the supply chain.
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