Precision Medicine Diagnostics

Helping patients and providers access companion and precision medicine diagnostic solutions

The shifting healthcare landscape is affecting the precision medicine diagnostic (PMDx) reimbursement industry. Providers must now take the burden on approvals for testing, ordering testing and financial constraints.

Leveraging industry expertise and highly-collaborative client partnerships, our programs offer access solutions for companion diagnostics (CDx) and precision medicine diagnostics (PMDx), helping to alleviate these pain points for providers and addressing any potential access barriers for the patient. 

Delivering value by connecting patients, providers and payers

Lash Group combines years of experience in the precision medicine diagnostics (PMDx) and pharmaceutical industry to provide options that address access and affordability. We can help patients gain access to testing and help reduce patient drop-off once approved.



Each year, our DxConference is the premier conference for thought leaders and executives in personalized medicine who seek to successfully launch and to grow new diagnostic solutions. Participants bring perspectives from leading diagnostic companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, payers, and other stakeholders.

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