Rare Disease and Orphan Drugs

Making a big difference for the smallest patient populations

Diagnosing a rare disease is difficult, but accessing appropriate therapies can be an even greater challenge. Patients with rare conditions face unique hurdles, such as the cost of lifelong treatment, difficulty managing modifications in therapy, or transitioning from hospital-based treatment to home care. Such challenges create opportunities for non-adherence. Choosing a knowledgeable commercialization partner will help you succeed where complexity exists.
Patient bedside care

Advocating for patients

Having supported more than 85 orphan products, we understand the complexity of the patient journey for those with a rare disease. We help patients and caregivers address access barriers head on, while helping patients become advocates for their own care. We assist with program enrollment, navigating reimbursement, and educating patients and caregivers on their prescribed therapy and its intended impact on their disease. We help provide logistics support for care coordination, offering free goods shipments for first dose, bridge products and patient assistance programs. For patients using a provider-administered product, our team navigates the challenges that often accompany changes in site of care, helping increase engagement with treatment.

Connecting those across the continuum of care

We connect patients and caregivers to education and advocacy resources within the rare disease community. Working to help patients realize the full benefit of customizable support, we streamline communications between patients, providers and advocacy groups, creating a consistent and holistic treatment experience.

Do’s and don'ts for orphan drug support programs

Launching a rare disease drug presents unique challenges and risks. Having helped steer over 85 products to commercial success, we’ve developed a few “do’s and don’ts” to help simplify the process.
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