Improving patients' lives during each step of the treatment journey

We provide best-in-class program design and execution for manufacturers offering ongoing support for patients. Our portfolio of services reaches across the continuum of care, addressing three main challenges to program adherence: Access, Affordability, and Engagement.


Step 1

Diagnosis and care plan

When a patient receives a life-changing diagnosis, the last thing they should have to worry about is fighting for the treatment they need. Our caring professionals help patients understand their benefits and overcome roadblocks to coverage with comprehensive Reimbursement Support, guiding them through the process of obtaining treatment.

Reimbursement support

Helping reduce the likelihood of missed prescriptions so patients can begin treatment sooner.


Step 2

Starting treatment

After helping a patient overcome barriers to access, we help ensure they can afford treatment. Our multi-faceted approach to lowering the cost of therapies helps make medications more affordable for uninsured and underinsured patients, so they can begin therapy more quickly and avoid interruptions in treatment. 

Copay assistance

Powered by industry expertise and innovative technology, our Flex Copay Programs accelerate speed-to-therapy and increase patient adherence.

Patient assistance programs

Our experience assisting uninsured and underinsured patients gives us valuable insight to help you design a patient assistance program in alignment with your program goals.

Free drug distribution

Customized to the unique needs of your product, we deliver manufacturer-sponsored free-drug dispensing programs – a vital tool to help patients start therapy quickly and avoid interruptions in treatment. 

ACA Coverage Expansion (ACE) service center

Helping patients navigate the complexities of the current healthcare landscape helps improve access to vital therapies. Our ACA Coverage Expansion experts help connect patients to the right insurance plans for them, benefiting manufacturers, providers and patients.


Step 3

Ongoing treatment

Helping patients is not just what we do – it’s why we exist. We’ve helped over 12 million people by understanding the critical role that support services play in their ongoing care. Our best-in-class, customizable adherence solutions touch patients throughout their treatment journey.

Thumbprint adherence and patient engagement solutions

Thumbprint Adherence Solutions are designed with the patient in mind and address predictive and condition-related health risks, empowering patients to be an active participant in their own care. 

Clinical services

Our scalable services are available throughout the product lifecycle and provide updates to patients, pharmacists and prescribers alike to help you meet FDA and regulatory compliance guidelines. 

Exceptional in overall services – responsive, knowledgeable, and enjoyable to work with!

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