Copay Assistance

We help make medications more affordable

Our Flex Copay programs increase speed-to-therapy and promote adherence for uninsured and underinsured patients. Our copay cards work seamlessly with healthcare providers’ processes and e-prescribing systems, enabling efficient assistance, expanded access, and uninterrupted patient treatment. As an added benefit, all of our solutions are web-enabled so patients can access their benefits through program or product-specific websites.

FlexStarter Card

For more convenient and faster access to therapeutic benefits, our FlexStarter Card allows patients to receive free product while waiting for coverage to be established.

  • Accepted at over 55,000 pharmacies
  • Works for retail and specialty products
  • One card can be used for multiple products
  • Customizable at the patient level, including the number of fills based on program rules

FlexDebit Card

This claims-based copay option comes pre-loaded with a cash balance, and includes support for approved patients while working within providers’ debit processing systems for immediate reimbursement.

  • Accepted at over 55,000 pharmacies
  • Supports products covered through patient’s pharmacy or medical benefit
  • Works for both retail and specialty products
  • Benefits can be tailored at the patient level
  • Card can be treated as a secondary or tertiary payer
  • One card can be used for multiple products
  • Payment for medical claims can be directed to patients or physicians
  • Supports data retrieval, analysis and reporting of prescription refills

FlexConnect Card

This physical or virtual benefit card leverages systems-integrated claims adjudication technology for use with providers, billing entities, retail or specialty pharmacies, or for online coupons and vouchers. The advanced copay technology streamlines the prescription process to reduce errors and improve reporting ability.

Copay Accumulator Programs

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