Benefit Verification

Accelerating speed to therapy for patients

Millions of people rely on benefit verification (BV) to help get faster access to treatment. From eligibility checks to treatment plans, our approach helps to determine what treatments are covered, the level of coverage, any restrictions that may require additional steps in the BV process and calculates the copay for each office visit. Our traditional and innovative technology BV solutions improve scale and speed to therapy for new and returning patients.

Next generation benefit verification begins now

The next generation of benefit verification begins now. Learn more about Lash Group’s new eBV solution that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive faster speed to therapy and provide a more seamless experience for patients and providers.

Electronic Benefit Verification

A New Technology Approach

Introducing SmartPointSM, our artificial intelligence technology that delivers consistent results. By using machine learning, SmartPointSM can help predict real-time payer and plan changes, improve the accuracy of benefits information for providers, decrease time and intervention for approvals and strengthen brand loyalty. 

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Rethink: The Future of Benefit Verification

Now more than ever, manufacturers and providers are looking for solutions, which include technology, to help ease the burden of administrative pressures, cost constraints and timely access to care. Even with great promise, first generation technologies lack an integrated approach and may increase costs, delay treatment for patients and decrease brand loyalty.  


Using Artificial Intelligence to Expedite the Electronic Benefit Verification Process

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