Field Reimbursement and Exposure Modeling 

The power of partnership

As part of the AmerisourceBergen family, we leverage the expertise of our partners to provide solutions that help you achieve commercial success for your product while improving the lives of patients. As a strategic consultant, Xcenda helps manufacturers transform evidence, policy insights, and market intelligence into effective global market access strategies. Their team of experts effectively navigate today’s complex healthcare landscape to ensure overall product success.
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Our Field Reimbursement professionals are trained to:

  • Reduce pending, delayed, and denied claims by training a provider’s staff 
  • Remove barriers to access by educating providers on local and regional payer issues, coding changes, appropriate claim submission, and correct utilization of patient assistance programs
  • Improve Office of Inspector General (OIG) compliance by allowing sales representatives to focus on the clinical sell and not on reimbursement issues 
  • Consult on policy or contract changes that might impact your product and what steps you can take to maintain or improve patient access
  • Develop and implement health policy strategies with core advocacy groups
Executive Brief

Field Reimbursement Support: A High Touch Approach to Improving Patient Access

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Exposure modeling and benchmarking

Exposure modeling and benchmarking are critical steps to understanding the current market for your product and determining an estimated size of your patient support program. In partnership with Xcenda, we offer manufacturers insights gained from over 100 Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs), plus years of experience in benchmarking.

  • With our proprietary exposure model, we identify the number of patients likely to be uninsured and underinsured at various income thresholds.
  • Using multi-variant models, we explore how changes to coverage scenarios impact our patient assistance strategy, both at launch and over time.
  • We monitor changes in healthcare reform and policy, making strategic recommendations to help manufacturers adapt their programs accordingly.
Leveraging expertise from across the AmerisourceBergen enterprise, we make strategic and operational recommendations to customize our patient assistance services to your product’s needs.