Thumbprint Adherence Solutions

Healthcare as unique as you

A single intervention strategy is rarely effective in sustaining the behavioral changes needed for therapeutic adherence. Our Thumbprint engagement solutions empower patients to participate actively in their own care. Accounting for each patient’s individual goals, values and motivations, we address predictive therapeutic and condition-related risks. Thumbprint ensures that content, timing and outreach are delivered in a way that works best for each patient. Our three distinctive Thumbprint service models provide a flexible framework for clients to tailor our solutions and optimize their return on investment.

Our service models are flexible enough to meet your needs. All solutions include:

  • Telehealth nursing call center
  • Tailored coaching interactions
  • Digital communication strategy (live chat, texting and email)
  • Custom program design framework

Patient-centric solutions lead to better health outcomes

Is the adherence solution you’re considering designed around your product or your patient? Evaluate it against our principles proven to increase patient engagement.
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