Evaluating Solutions

Patient-centric vs Product-centric

Is the engagement solution you’re considering designed around your product or your patient? Evaluate it against the principles we recommend for improving engagement:

  1. Improving engagement requires a continuous and dynamic effort.
  2. Interventions must be evidence-based and measurable; therefore, credible and reliable methods for collecting patient-reported data and/or clinical outcome assessments must be used.
  3. Interventions must include an evaluation of the patient’s readiness to follow health recommendations, as well as motivational interviewing, a technique designed to explore and resolve the resistance interfering with healthy decision-making.
  4. Interventions must be designed to address all of the patient’s needs – including external factors related to access and affordability; as well as internal factors, such as knowledge, beliefs, motivation, confidence, an expectation of outcome, and an understanding of consequences.
  5. Interventions must impact knowledge, motivation and behavioral skills.

Only then will we empower patients to make long-term behavior changes. 

Engagement strategy is critical to product success

In today’s competitive landscape, engagement solutions are no longer just “nice-to-have” within your commercialization strategy. Engagement solutions create meaningful differentiation, address stakeholder needs, deepen brand loyalty, and maximize a product’s long-term commercial potential through outcomes data. As you evaluate different partners for engagement, consider the following:

  • Can your partner integrate your engagement solution with reimbursement support services?
  • Will your engagement solutions be limited by your partner’s distribution channel?
  • Does your partner have a specific solution for addressing transitions of care?
  • Can your partner measure the value of your engagement program?
  • What training or certifications have prepared your partner’s associates to engage your patients or caregivers as unique individuals?
  • Is your engagement program designed to ensure the content, timing, and outreach approach are appropriate for where the patient is in their treatment journey?

Will your engagement program deliver rich insights to help your team better understand the patient experience?

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