Targeted outreach to avoid patient drop-off

The MyConnection℠ service model provides targeted patient support through focused product and/or disease state education. We can deliver strategically-timed information in anticipation of the onset of therapeutic side effects. Features of this service model include:

  • Telehealth call center
  • HUB coordination to improve speed to therapy
  • On-demand help desk for product and disease education
  • Seamless integration with core engagement solutions
  • Targeted support and outreach based on therapy and condition profile
  • Reduced patient drop-off

The advantages for your patients

MyConnection℠ is a product-centered program that reduces therapy- and condition-specific obstacles. Patients receive product information and outreach at targeted times based on predictive factors relating to their specific condition and therapy.

The benefits for you

MyConnection℠ provides timely communications that outline safe and effective product and disease information, helping patients manage any side effects of treatment. We provide you with real-time data collection for improved patient insights. Other benefits include:
  • Increased adverse event and medical information support
  • Well-educated patients regarding the disease state and therapeutic product
  • Improved speed to therapy and increased therapy starts
  • Reduced patient drop-off
  • Targeted support to improve refill rates