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Dr. Tommy Bramley, President, Lash Group, discusses his passion for patient services, his 'why', and how he believes we can improve patient outcomes together.

Meet our Senior Leaders

Aimee Bando-Bugosh
Vice President, Client Delivery
Monroeville, PA
Alicia Evans
Assistant General Counsel
Frisco, TX
Barbara Whitten
Vice President, Business Solutions
Fort Mill, SC
Bill Smith
Senior Vice President, Business Transformation
Monroeville, PA
Bob Landers
Senior Vice President, Sales
Frisco, TX
Karen Rice
Group Human Resources Business Partner
Fort Mill, SC
Michael Obringer
Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Fort Mill, SC
Nicole Dunn
Vice President, Client Delivery
Fort Mill, SC
Shanna Barnes
Vice President, New Business Development
Fort Mill, SC
Sheila Lacks
Vice President, Finance
Fort Mill, SC
Susan Stinson
Senior Vice President, Clinical & Pharmacy Operations
Frisco, TX
Tommy Bramley
President, Lash Group and Premier Source
Fort Mill, SC

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