Jaime Carter

Sr. Director, Patient Portfolio Owner

Lash Group

Fort Mill, SC

Can you tell us more about your role in Fusion?
For the past two years I have served as the Business Services Lead for Fusion. In this role, my team was responsible for taking the services and processes we provide today and making them more efficient and streamlined in the future. The Business Services Team leverages best practice workflows to create business requirements that support the Fusion build. The team also partners with the Fusion Business Intelligence and Analytics Team (FBA) to ensure we have the ability to create customer insights.

Since Fusion is now in production, we need to run the platform. Therefore, I am shifting my focus to support Fusion from a Service Management perspective. Our team will be accountable for service level agreements, business solution analysis, demand management and maintaining the service catalog.

What has been your career path to get to this role?
Over the last 13 years at Lash Group, I have held many roles within the organization. I started with the Data Intake team and then moved into both Shared Services and Operational roles. The majority of my experience has been in Product Strategy where we focused on delivering new capabilities for the organization. This served as a natural progression into my Fusion role, only on a larger scale. Prior to Lash Group, I worked for the Transportation Security Administration.

What career achievements make you the most proud?
· 2017 winner of the Charlotte Business Journal’s 40 under 40 award
· 2017 Fusion Launch
· 2014 Recipient of Lash Group’s Vision Award
· 2011 Recipient of Lash Group’s Values Award

What is your recipe for success?
·Attitude: Everything does not go my way, however, I do feel as if we all have an opportunity to make the best of out a situation. People want to work with others that are optimistic and positive.
· Preparation, Determination and Respect: I have played sports all of my life and attribute many of my learnings along the way to athletics. In addition, a coach has to prepare, motivate and lead a team. If you want to lead a team, they have to respect you.
· Passion: I truly love helping people and I know the work we do every day makes a difference in people’s lives. This passion allows me to work each day for a purpose.

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