Our Team

Sandra Jimenez
Assistant Program Manager
Lash Group
Rockville, MD
"I work with purpose each and every day because I know that there is a patient that needs our support and help to get on therapy quickly, and to start living a healthier life.”
Q. What is your typical day like in your role? 
As an Assistant Manager, I help my manager oversee three programs, two Hub programs and one wholesale. We are contracted by the pharmaceutical manufacturer to provide services to patients, and assist providers with getting patients on therapy quickly. I’m the Specialty Pharmacy Liaison, and am responsible for escalating urgent cases to my main contact at the SP, working with them towards quickly resolving the issue. I conduct the quality audits for all my programs, and have the responsibility to coach and provide feedback to my team. For the wholesale business, I handle all charge back requests and inquiries that come from ICS (one of our sister companies). 

Q. What keeps you at Lash Group? 
I’m currently enrolled in school and taking advantage of our tuition reimbursement – I’m getting my degree in business. My long-term goal is to have my own program to manage, and I have a strong possibility of achieving that at Lash Group.

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