Medication affordability

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Reducing financial burdens

Making medications more affordable

No patient should be prevented from starting a life-changing therapy by the cost of medication. Through our Commercial Copay Assistance solutions, Patient Assistance Programs, and free-goods TheraCom Pharmacy services, we reduce patients' financial burdens to elevate access and improve adherence.

Affordability solutions for better patient outcomes

Commercial copay assistance

Our copay services are honed through decades of experience working with patients and providers to understand payer rules and industry dynamics. By continuously building our knowledge base and investing in technology, we are well positioned to develop flexible and efficient copay assistance programs that give patients access to the most skilled support team in the industry. Our services provide the flexibility to operate each program with its own discrete set of rules, while managing payment methods and funds as a cohesive portfolio. We offer a range of payment options to accommodate the specifications of each program, including electronic funds transfers, virtual and physical debit cards, and paper checks. Payment options can be used in combination to maximize patient utilization. 

provide patients with individualized
support, help them understand their assistance options and facilitate enrollment or provide third-party information.


The emergence of copay accumulators

With copay accumulator programs on the rise, the impact may be burdensome and confusing for patients. Under an accumulator program, patients may face challenges like a longer time to exhaust deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums, increasing financial barriers to access treatment, and declining adherence to prescribed regimens.

Lash Group is prepared to work with our clients to develop a strategy that positively impacts patients' ability to afford therapy.

Copay accumulators add a complicated facet to the marketplace, and Lash Group is prepared to work with each of our clients to develop a strategy that positively impacts patients’ ability to afford therapy.

Data-driven recommendations

Copay accumulators

Our expert team utilizes exposure modeling and strategic intelligence to help manufacturers model, plan, and implement necessary and timely program changes as a result of payer-managed copay accumulators. In addition, we've added copay accumulator impacts as an attribute to our robust benefit verification process and enhanced our reporting to provide the best recommendations.

Comprehensive and customized support

Free-goods pharmacy

Manufacturer-sponsored, free-goods dispensing programs are a vital part of the patient journey. Our free-goods pharmacy provides a comprehensive, end-to-end offering, pairing specialty distribution and free-goods dispensing programs that integrate seamlessly with our patient support programs. Our pharmacists work closely with manufacturers bringing new products to the market, as well as patients receiving new prescriptions from our free-drug programs.

Recently, our dedicated team dispensed its 1 millionth order from our Kentucky location. 

Dedicated to evolving support

Patient assistance programs

Reducing the growing cost burden patients face requires insulating your program from risk and deploying the right mix of talent and technology. That's why we combine innovative eServices with unmatched expertise. Seasoned counselors provide individualized support while electronic portals facilitate enrollment, eligibility, and renewal. Electronic PAP (ePAP) services allow for automated eligibility checks and determinations in less than a minute - freeing up our counselors' time to work on complex cases. To ensure compliance and mitigate risk, we provide real-time income validation, manage complex eligibility criteria, and monthly reporting on PAP enrollees.


Electronic PAP: New Technology Solutions to Streamline the Eligibility and Enrollment Process

Lash Group
August 2018

AmerisourceBergen manufacturer commercialization strategies

Beyond medication affordability

Manufacturer commercialization strategy

AmerisourceBergen is the only pharmaceutical commercialization partner with the combination of proven solutions, diverse perspectives, and unmatched scale to make the most of scientific advances and change patient lives for the better. We build partnerships that unlock product potential and get medications to patients who need them.

Learn how AmerisourceBergen's end-to-end solutions can help manufacturers at all phases of the commercialization journey.

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