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Clinical Services

clinical services

Elevating patient care

Patient support programs that employ experienced nurses play an increasingly important role in a patient’s treatment journey. Our Clinical Services nurses work in non-traditional roles, using their expertise to elevate the level of care patients receive through our programs. If you are a registered or specialized nurse looking to support patients in a new way, with the opportunity to advance into leadership roles, Lash Group is an ideal place to start the next step in your nursing career.


Our nurses empower patients to take an active role in their own care

Learn about our highlighted roles within the Clinical Services team.

Telehealth Nurse

Using their clinical background in unique ways, Telehealth Nurses help patients navigate their treatment journey. They encourage patients to realize the full benefit of therapy by providing clinical education and monitoring patient adherence and ongoing disease management. Their support improves patient engagement.

Field Nurse Educator

Our Nurse Educators are specialized nurses who work in the field. They help improve the patient experience by conducting training sessions on behalf of our pharmaceutical manufacturer clients, demonstrating to healthcare providers how to administer complex treatment regimens.

Nurse Management

Our Senior Nurse Mangers, Associate Directors of Nursing and Directors of Nursing focus on the development and implementation of adherence and engagement solutions, providing clinical support to patients, providers and pharmacies. They implement policies to improve program efficiency, building strong internal teams of nurses to support our engagement programs. 

Lash Group nurses enjoy additional benefits

  • PRN opportunities, field-based roles and remote work for many roles
  • Opportunities to advance your specialty
  • Exposure to pharma’s leading-edge therapies
  • Free nursing continuing education units (CEUs) for professional development
  • Nurse management and leadership opportunities


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November 2019

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