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New Business Development

patient case coordinator

Fostering new client relationships for growth 


The New Business Development team is charged with fostering strong relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturers and industry partners. They continue to grow the business by driving programs that meet the needs of our clients. Through years of expertise and program design experience, the team works to guide the implementation of best-in-class patient support programs. 


Our team utilizes their collective expertise to guide clients to solutions that best fit their program needs

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New Business Development Director

New Business Development Directors and senior team members help expand our reach by establishing new relationships with manufacturers. They have experience in healthcare and the patient support industry. Additionally, they conduct program development efforts to create a comprehensive program offering administered by Lash Group on behalf of the manufacturer. 

Sales Enablement

Through solution development, proposal writing, storytelling and lead management, the Sales Enablement team works tirelessly to enhance our client partnerships. Roles may include a variety of different responsibilities that support the growth of the Lash Group business.

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