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Lash Group Expert Session

Leveraging AI within eBV to optimize speed to therapy

Wednesday, February 26 | 8:10 AM EST

Electronic benefit verification technology has changed. While logic-based approaches still have their place, AI has opened up a path to improved access for patients, streamlined information for providers, and benefits for all stakeholders. Manufacturers who work with patient service providers that blend seasoned and compassionate human expertise with a menu of technology-based resources will have the best chance of optimizing speed to therapy in the increasingly complex and collaborative pharma ecosystem. This session helps manufacturers explore the best combination of technology and human interaction for their therapy's unique access challenges.

Speaker: Myra Reinhardt, VP, Product Innovation & Analytics

As the Vice President of Product Innovation and Analytics, Myra Reinhardt brings expertise in strategic planning, product development and deploying large-scale technology solutions. Focused on product and analytics, she is responsible for the delivery and implementation of solutions that support the growth of the Lash Group business.

Next-gen benefit verification begins now

Learn more about Lash Group’s new eBV solution that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive faster speed to therapy and provide a more seamless experience for patients and providers.

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