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Five Oncology Trends Impacting the Patient Experience

By AmerisourceBergen

Across the oncology landscape, a confluence of factors is creating new challenges to product access, optimized clinical outcomes and commercial success. AmerisourceBergen explores those factors and trends in this ebook series, offering strategic recommendations for how pharmaceutical manufacturers can support prescribers and patients through the continuum of cancer care. The five trends shaping oncology delivery today:
  1. For the pharma brand team, the ability to gain access to - and spend meaningful time with - oncologists is harder than ever.
  2. Oncologists are facing greater burdens due to the increased prevalence of different value frameworks and clinical pathways.
  3. Advances in oncology care bring greater complexity to patient access and support.
  4. Patients have higher or different expectations when it comes to their healthcare and treatment options.
  5. Having the right data is more important than ever, but turning data into actionable insights is challenging. 

With insights from our oncology, practice administration, product launch and commercialization experts, we've provided specific recommendations for the design and deployment of commercialization strategies and programs that effectively address all stakeholder needs, ultimately resulting in a better patient experience.

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