November 17, 2015

Vision and Value Awards 2015

Celebrating Accomplishment: AmerisourceBergen’s Vision and Values Awards
Winners only from left to right: Marni Fulton, Peggy McIntyre, Suzanne Iwanski, Jeff Lambert, Tracy Boyd

At the close of each calendar year, business units across AmerisourceBergen take a moment to celebrate achievement and recognize individuals who played a key role in the company’s success. Lash Group held its awards ceremony on November 17th in Charlotte, NC, which was emceed by James Frary, President of AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group. Frary began the ceremony by highlighting notable achievements in 2015 from across the enterprise, and spoke to how those successes are contributing to AmerisourceBergen’s ability to carry out its mission and vision.

“There are many business units [within AmerisourceBergen], but we all have a common goal. That is to improve patients’ lives,” Frary said. “This week, I have heard so many amazing success stories [on how we are impacting patients] from all over the enterprise…Our success can be attributed to engaged associates that drive best-in-class productivity with signature quality and delivery.”

According to Tracy Foster, President of Lash Group, “This week, we reflect not only on WHAT we have accomplished together, but also HOW we have accomplished those goals. Each of our nominees has contributed to our success, in both large and small ways. The associates we celebrate today are customer-focused (both internally and externally), and that is important to building our culture…In this group you’ll see innovation, and risk taking…You’ll see integrity and passion…You’ll see collaboration and accountability…[These individuals] honor the community we are in, and each other."

AccessOne Regional Leads Team (with Tracy Foster)

The Awards

The Vision Award is given to a senior leader who not only embodies each of our core values – collaboration, innovation, customer focus, integrity, passion and accountability – but has also achieved extraordinary financial results. The Values Award is given to an associate who is either an individual contributor or a mid-level manager, recognizing their embodiment of our core values consistently and in ways that differentiate them from their peers. Lash Group honored five individuals at the Vision and Values Awards Ceremony - associates who work with purpose each day to improve patients' lives. We also recognized two teams who have accomplished major initiatives that support a specific company goal.

The Winners

Congratulations to our winners, and the nominees, for your many contributions to Lash Group’s success!

  • Values Award: Jeff Lambert (Individual Contributor); Marni Fulton (Manager); Peggy McIntyre (Sr. Manager)
  • Vision Award: Suzanne Iwanski (Director)
  • Partner Award (an AmerisourceBergen associate who supports a single business unit): Tracy Boyd
  • Team Award: AccessOne Regional Leads; Governance, Risk, & Compliance
Governance, Risk & Compliance Team (with Tracy Foster)

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