May 23, 2016

ISPOR 21st Annual International Meeting

Lash Group and Xcenda Co-present at ISPOR

Lash Group is excited to participate in the 2016 ISPOR conference on Monday, May 23rd, in Washington DC. ISPOR (International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research) is the leading global scientific and educational organization for health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), and their mission is to promote HEOR excellence to improve decision making for health globally. To be a participant in this event, companies must submit research abstracts for acceptance for presentation.

Lash Group’s Nicole Cross, Director of Product Management, and Dale Hanna, Associate Product Manager, partnered with Xcenda and Clinical Operations to research the usage of the Patient Activation Measure (PAM) PRO-tool in its first implementation at Lash Group. From this research came presentations on two different topics that will be shared at ISPOR. Having a presentation accepted at ISPOR solidifies our expertise in scientific research, and allows us to communicate our breadth and depth on a specific topic. This is our first time participating in the event – a major accomplishment for Lash Group. 

About the Presentations
The primary focus of the research on the Patient Activation Measure (PAM) PRO-tool was to evaluate its utility in patient support programs. PAM® is our premier segmentation tool utilized by the MyCommitment model within our Thumbprint adherence services. There are plenty of clinical research topics published relative to the use of PAM in clinical settings, but none have been published in our market.

Lash Group and Xcenda leveraged the data collected by our telehealth nurses on our first implementation of PAM® to perform an analysis of the following topics:

1) Predictors of Low Patient Activation When Initiating C1 Esterase Inhibitor Therapy for HAE
-The Objective: To identify predictors of low patient activation measures (PAM) among patients initiating C1 esterase inhibitor (recombinant) (C1 – INH) for treatment of hereditary angioedema.

2) Patient Comfortability in Administering C1 Esterase Inhibitor for HAE: An Evaluation of Patient Activation and Adherence
-The Objective:  Measure treatment adherence evaluated by the use of a Patient Activation Measure (PAM) and a patient’s comfort of self-administering a C1 Esterase Inhibitor therapy.

The research concluded that activation as a measure is a key predictor of treatment utilization. The additional data gathered validated its utility in our patient support programs, as it provided meaningful insights into the patient population.

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