July 24, 2017

World Congress Support Services and Hub Design Summit

World Congress’ 4th Annual Patient Support Services and Hub Design Summit, part of the Pharma4 Summit, is designed to bring industry thought leaders together to examine Hub design in an evolving healthcare landscape, and uncover leading strategies around implementing patient support services.
On July 24th, Lash Group’s Shishir Desai, Sr. Director of Client Analytics, and Ashley Reckmeyer, Director of Client Analytics, will present Data-Driven Service Design: Improving Hub Services and Outcomes through Emerging Analytics. Hub programs exist at the intersection of technology, data, and human interaction, and deliver value by offering not only a single point of contact for all services, but also an opportunity to gain advanced patient insights. The data collected through an integrated Hub can help tell a comprehensive “patient story”, providing insight into behavior and patient needs, as well as measurable trends. In this session, they will explore how pharma manufacturers can leverage data from their Hub programs and other 3rd-party data sources to expand reach, influence across customer segments, and inform service design to optimize the patients’ journey.

On July 25th, Shishir will also lead a panel of experts from several pharma manufacturer companies focused on uncovering data strategies and best practices behind successful hubs. As pharmaceutical and biotech companies continue to advance hub design, it is important to understand the value of different design elements before making the high investments necessary to develop and maintain a hub program. There are multiple performance expectations around hub design, and it is imperative to explore the intricacies of varying elements that would ensure the program has the processes and capabilities necessary to deliver the desired patient services, while also ensuring ROI of hub services.

Maria Bucceri Kirsch
Head of Patient and Specialty Services, Strategy and Operations, Novartis

Maureen Espensen
Director, Specialty Pharmacy, Patient Services, Hub Operations, formerly with Marathon Pharmaceuticals

Jennifer Doyle
Director, Patient Services, Orphan Business Unit, Horizon Pharma

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