May 15, 2018

Real-Time Benefit Check & ePrior Authorization Summit

Join Lash Group team members at the Real-Time Benefit Check and ePrior Authorization Summit May 15th – May 16th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Learn more about how Lash Group is innovating within the benefit verification process to enable faster access to therapy. 

Learn more about how Lash Group is implementing a new electronic benefit verification approach using artificial intelligence to enhance the patient and provider experience.

Revolutionizing the reimbursement experience

2018 Speaker Highlights

Tuesday, May 15 | 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM 

Revolutionizing the Benefit Verification Process: Combining Artificial Intelligence and the Right Techniques to Drive Faster Access to Therapy

Amy Jones, Director, Product Strategy e-Technologies

Even with great promise, current first generation electronic benefit verification technologies provide limited impact. Learn how a new eBV approach utilizes artificial intelligence to help enhance the patient and provider experience through reducing costs associated with delayed treatment and improving the quality and confidence of results.

Fusion eBV: At the Forefront of Innovation

For millions of benefit verifications that need to be completed each year, technology holds the promise to drive efficiency- improving scale and speed without compromising effectiveness. Now, the next generation electronic benefit verification (eBV) solution leverages a new approach which accounts for the complex world of insurance reimbursement. Learn how artificial intelligence can help accelerate speed to therapy and improve the overall experience for patients and providers.


Accelerating speed to therapy for patients

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