November 8, 2017

Lash Group at Dreamforce 2017

Fusion is helping to usher in a new wave of innovation in the patient services industry. Recently, senior executives Tony Martin, SVP Client Strategy, and Bill Smith, SVP Business Transformation, shared Fusion with a number of healthcare leaders at Dreamforce—Salesforce’s user conference which draws over 170,000 attendees and is the largest technology conference in the world. Along with partners from Accenture, Tony and Bill presented at the Healthcare Innovators Exchange luncheon and discussed how Fusion gives ‘power to the patient’, creating a personalized, seamless and holistic patient experience. Watch the presentation here.

Read more from Tony and Bill on LinkedIn about healthcare innovation, the Dreamforce experience and the impact of Fusion:

Dreamforce Day 1: Merging Technology with the Patient Experience
Dreamforce Day 2: The Next Generation of Patient Engagement
Dreamforce Day 3: Fusion – Changing the Game for Patient Support Services
Dreamforce Day 4: By the Numbers – 10 Healthcare Statistics to Know
Blazing Our Trail In Patient Support Services: How Fusion Empowers Patients 

The Fusion launch has just begun. Clients will be transitioned over the next several years. The impact: Fusion will help millions of patients to access therapy and to receive the services that they need to stay on therapy.  

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