October 20, 2016

Patient Assistance Programs Keep Growing and Changing to Meet Demand

The rise of a complex and lucrative specialty drug market in the U.S. has created not only new opportunities for drugmakers, but also new challenges.

With a significant portion of care shifting from in-patient to out-patient settings and insurers tightening the reins on specialty drug coverage, drugmakers have turned to patient assistance programs (PAPs) to help them succeed.

Moving from simple administration of copay assistance and other programs to deeper involvement in almost every chapter of a patient's time on therapy, industry service providers have taken on new weight in drugmakers' quests for success.

Companies such as Amerisourcebergen Corp.'s Lash Group, Cardinal Health Inc.'s Sonexus and Trialcard Inc. are leading the charge on benefit investigations, copay assistance, side effect management and even how to keep up with critical therapies during disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes.