July 21, 2016

Cardiovascular Therapy: More new drugs for a growing patient base 

July/August 2016
When looked at as a unified market, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a very large, heavily populated ecosystem, inhabited by large numbers of healthcare delivery systems, therapeutic drugs, medical devices and drug/device combinations, patient support systems and advocacy groups. All this befits CVD’s continuing status as the No. 1 killer, ending the lives of 610,000 Americans each year (and 15 million worldwide, according to WHO). The American Heart Assn. estimates that 85 million Americans (roughly one in three adults) have at least one form of CVD.

In this Pharmaceutical Commerce article, Derek Cothran, VP and Lead, Strategic Account Management for Lash Group, and Mike Eaddy, VP of Real World Evidence for Xcenda,  provide insights on reducing barriers to patient access, the necessity of communication between manufacturers and payers, and how CVD medications provide an important opportunity to promote greater health and wellness, as well as prevent future health complications.