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November 16, 2016

2016 Vision and Value Awards: Recognizing and Honoring Success at Lash Group

It has been a year of tremendous achievement and growth at AmerisourceBergen, and this week we spent time celebrating the accomplishments of both individuals and teams across Lash Group!

Celebrating Achievement

On Tuesday, November 15th, at the annual Vision and Values Awards in Fort Mill, SC, we honored a number of associates who have contributed to our success in their own unique ways.

James Frary, President of AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group (ABSG), began the ceremony by sharing some of the amazing accomplishments across the enterprise in 2016, and giving us a glimpse into what the future looks like when we achieve our current goals.

According to Tracy Foster, President of Lash Group, this has been an incredible fiscal year for Lash Group as well, with many accomplishments on the strategic front. In fiscal year 2016, the company launched a new strategic plan (Vision2020) as well as a new initiative (Fusion) that will provide for a more sophisticated technology platform and an improved customer experience for Lash Group's internal and external stakeholders. The company focused on developing a best-in-class eBV offering, and launched its new Adherence Solutions model – Thumbprint. Lash Group also successfully finalized several key initiatives, including the completion and opening of its new headquarters in Fort Mill, SC, and the transition of US Bioservices’ manufacturer-sponsored free-goods dispensing programs into its TheraCom Pharmacy offering.


Lash Group Award Winners

Through the Vision and Values Awards, we celebrate the dedication of the individual to our company’s strategic goals and core values. There are two individual awards categories – the Vision Award (for senior leaders), which recognizes an individual who champions our values, contributes to individual or company growth, and has achieved extraordinary financial results that demonstrate value to customers. The Values Award (for individual contributors and managers) recognizes an individual who demonstrates our core values consistently and in ways that differentiate them from their peers. This year, four individuals at Lash Group received recognition for their contributions to the organization:

  • Vision Award: Barbara Whitten, Sr. Director, Business Solutions
  • Values Awards, Sr. Manager: Jeff Buck, Fusion PMO Lead
  • Values Award, Manager: Leo Giocondo, Project Manager
  • Values Award, Individual Contributor: Chelsea Bell, Billing Team Lead

Read more about each winner!

Lash Group Award Nominees
We want to acknowledge all of the 2016 Vision and Values award nominees. Thank you for your dedication, and congratulations on your personal accomplishments this year. You have each helped propel Lash Group forward in achieving its strategic goals. 

Vision Award Nominees
  • Aimee Bando-Bugosh
  • Tracy Bradey
  • Chris Davis
  • Shishir Desai
  • Kati Hale
  • Becky Hayes
  • Sheryl Heinle
  • Christina Knight
  • Jennifer Stimpson-Ivey
  • Barbara Whitten
Values Award Nominees
Senior Managers:
  • Susan Brown
  • Jeff Buck
  • Candice Curtis
  • Angela Garcia
  • Andrea Kale
  • Amy McManus
  • Allece Merchant
  • Vidya Majumdar

  • Robert Clark
  • Leo Giocondo
  • Megan Gonzales
  • Christine Haney
  • Sarina Makupson
  • Mary Sedivec
  • Terri White

Individual Contributors:
  • Matthew Barton
  • Jaime Beach
  • Chelsea Bell
  • Lacie Blanchard
  • Tehan Carter
  • Sherika Cohens
  • Dennis Feehan
  • Ashley Henderson
  • Shanika Henderson
  • Maleigh Hightshoe
  • Ebony Kaufman
  • Jacquelin Lopez
  • Emily Man
  • Kellie McLaughlin
  • William Singleton
  • Stephanie Wnetrzak
  • Clarence Wright
Lash Group Team Awards
The Team Awards have become an exciting addition to our Vision and Values Week, as the awards allow us to highlight how teams across Lash Group have collaborated over the past year to help us meet and exceed our strategic goals. The Team Awards for 2016 will demonstrate how groups of associates are working together to meet our new Vision2020 goals, and awards are tied to the “4 Perspectives” of Lash Group’s Vision2020 Strategy Roadmap. Congratulations to our 2016 Team winners:
Financial Performance: Project DSO
Customer Experience: Fusion
Internal Process Improvement: Fort Mill Move Steering Committee & Ambassadors
Organizational Readiness, Learning & Growth: Vision2020: Faces of Change Campaign