May 8, 2017

Celebrating National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week is celebrated annually from May 6th through May 12th to commemorate the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. And, it’s a time to recognize ALL those who have chosen a nursing career. Lash Group honors and recognizes the nurses who provide clinical support across our many patient programs - associates who work with purpose each day to ensure patients receive the best possible care.

In celebration of National Nurses Week, we wanted to share what our nurses like about working at Lash Group. Here’s what they had to say about our company and serving patients in their individual roles!

“I take pride in facilitating patient access to the most current FDA approved pharmaceutical therapies.” 
- Allece, Associate Director of Nursing

“I enjoy working with our patients, and I appreciate Lash Group’s commitment and dedication in helping us provide great quality service for them!”
- Ana, Telehealth Nurse Educator

“The patients are why I enjoy working for Lash Group. They brighten every day!!”
- Angela, Telehealth Nurse Educator

“I like working for a company that not only has the capability but also the desire to ensure that the highest quality of care is provided to the patients. I also love my team!”
- April, Telehealth Nurse Educator

“This is the best team of nurses I have worked with. We all help each other. They are funny and warm and caring. Also, (I enjoy working with) our patients, which is why we all are doing what we do.”
- Barbara, Telehealth Nurse Educator

“My patients are so appreciative of the little things!”
- Carol, Telehealth Nurse Educator

“I enjoy working with other healthcare professionals in a non-traditional nursing role...the tasks I do are constantly changing, the work environment is flexible for me to be a working mom, and I get to be on challenging projects.”
-Courtney, RN Quality Analyst

“I love the opportunity that Lash Group provides for us to work in a Remote Work environment doing what we enjoy, which is making a difference in our patient’s lives!”
- Joanne, Telehealth Nurse Educator

“I enjoy working for Lash Group because it is truly a patient-focused organization. Since starting with Lash Group, I have had the opportunity to work with wonderful people who believe in supporting each other and treating each other with kindness and respect.”
- Laura, Telehealth Nurse Educator

“I love that the group works with purpose! The leadership team and associates are highly motivated and have been extremely welcoming my first couple of months.”
- Natasha, Sr. Nurse Manager

“Having the opportunity to smile and change lives one call at a time.”
- Patsy, Telehealth Nurse Educator

“Working with Lash Group is not only about developing relationships with patients, but also with each other. I have the best coworkers!”
- Rosie, Telehealth Nurse Educator

“I like working at Lash Group because I work with a wonderful group of very smart nurses who make coming to work everyday very enjoyable. I also like the fact that I get to work from home and still be able to help make a difference in patients’ lives every day.”
- Sharon, Telehealth Nurse Educator