May 10, 2017

National Nurses Week - One Nurse's Story

Lash Group’s team of nurses are in non-traditional roles that support patients throughout their treatment journey. Each day, our nurses work with purpose by listening to patients, by educating them about what to expect while on therapy, and by providing counsel on properly taking their medication. Our nurses build strong relationships with patients and caregivers, and have a positive impact on their lives.

In celebration of National Nurses Week, we are sharing a heartwarming story from one of our Telehealth Nurse Educators, detailing how she truly made a difference in the life of one of her patients and his caregiver by going the extra mile to alleviate their financial stress.

I called my patient’s wife about 3 weeks ago, and she told me that she was feeling depressed. As it turns out, the couple was facing foreclosure, and within a few weeks they were to be out of the home that they have lived in for 20 years.

During the call, my patient’s wife began to cry, and I decided to do a warm-transfer to Cancer Support Community (a global network offering quality cancer support to millions of people touched by cancer). It was my hope that CSC could help them, but thinking it might already be too late. Since that call, the patient and his wife have not left my mind. I’ve been thinking about them and praying for them - hoping that everything was going to turn out alright.

This week, I called the patient’s wife for a follow-up on his treatment. She had wonderful news for me – CSC was able to provide her information to a mortgage relief program, and the couple had been approved for assistance! Ultimately, they were able to stop the foreclosure proceedings (as long as they completed a money management class), and they were able to arrange a more manageable monthly payment. CSC also provided them with information on travel assistance for her husband, which will allow her the ability to work more.

The patient’s wife was so sweet and thankful during the call, stating that God had me call her that morning, and then put the right numbers in her hand so that they could get the help they desperately needed. She referred to us as “angels”. This news gave me chills, and I tried hard not to cry tears of joy! She also said that since this weight has been lifted, her husband has been getting physically stronger every day.

- Beth, Telehealth Nurse Educator, Lash Group

This is just one story amongst thousands on how our associates are truly making a difference in patient’s lives.