April 7, 2017

Hub Services Report 2017: Rising tide of specialties lifts most provider’s businesses

Pharmaceutical Commerce has been tracking the evolution of hub services for specialty pharmaceuticals for three years now, and the field shows no sign either of slowing down, or of settling into a predictable and agreed-on set of business activities. Leading organizations in the field have been doubling in size, year-over-year, for several years now. And there is still fundamental disagreement over what to call the activity, if Hub Services (the term Pharmaceutical Commerce prefers) is not the accepted one.
In this article, Pharmaceutical Commerce highlights Lash Group’s growth in it’s hub service offerings, it’s new facilities in Fort Mill, SC, and the implementation of a new cloud-based platform that will significantly enhance our ability to deliver the patient support services that are critical to bringing the latest therapies to the patients who need them most.