May 7, 2018

Lash Group Opens its Second Building on the Fort Mill Campus

Lash Group, a leader in patient services and an AmerisourceBergen company, has opened a newly constructed building in Fort Mill, South Carolina. 

“The expansion of our Fort Mill campus showcases Lash Group’s commitment to our clients, our associates, local community, and patients,” stated Tommy Bramley, President of Lash Group. “We’ve designed collaborative workspaces that help us to apply a consultative, problem-solving mindset toward challenges faced by patients and providers—and ultimately develop new solutions that improve patient access and adherence.”

With more than 3,000 associates nationwide, Lash Group chose to construct two buildings to better accommodate the growing needs of patients, providers, pharmaceutical partners and their associates. The first building, which opened in 2016, accommodates 1,600 associates. The newly designed second building accommodates 1,300 associates. 

“Our beautiful new building reflects the passion and energy of our associates,” said Barbara Whitten, Lash Group's Vice President of Business Solutions, who managed all efforts for the construction and the delivery of both buildings. About the design, Whitten stated, “With open workspaces, technology-ready conference rooms, associate lounge areas and a modern café, there are more spaces for associates to connect and collaborate.” 

Focused on Lash Group’s purpose-driven culture, the new building boasts qualities of compassion, knowledge, courage, and collaboration throughout different sections of the building. The design also incorporates sustainability efforts that promote energy and water saving efficiencies.

Lash Group would like to acknowledge the team and key partners that helped to complete this project including Childress Klein, Shelco, Gensler, CBI, JLL, Modulex and many more.