Christina Knight

Director, Operations

Lash Group

Remote: South Carolina     

“In the different roles I’ve supported over the past 10+ years at Lash Group, it has always been important to understand the impact to the patient and how what I do can make a difference. I continue to work with purpose everyday by keeping the patient at the center of everything, and being very aware that at any point the patient could be a family member, a friend or even me.”
Q. What are some things that you like about working at Lash Group?
There are many things that I enjoy and appreciate about working for our company:
- First and foremost, the people I work with
- Job flexibility (hours/remote work)
- Challenging and meaningful work
- Volunteer hours are offered and encouraged to use each year
- Collaborative work environment 
- Our patient-centric focus
- Corporate “go green” efforts and environmental responsibility 
Q. What about Lash Group do you feel resonates with your own values and personality?
The fact that the company provides professional and personal development is extremely important. Also, helping others is rewarding and the personal stories I have heard over my years at Lash Group are very touching and inspirational.

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